What is The Difference Between an Air Fryer and Microwave

From the early beginnings of humanity, we have invented many new ways to cook food. from hot spring cooking and earth oven to baking in ash and stone boiling. As we progressed in the race, creating food becomes much easier. today we have many possibilities, from conventional methods like frying in the pan, to baking in the oven. We have created many machines that helped us develop our cooking skills. Having appliances like microwave, air fryer, gas or fuel gas range, barbecue, blender, pressure cooker, etc. It can help us overcome any kitchen task easily. And in this article, we will stick to the first two because people mix those two.

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We will show you the main differences between microwaves and air fryers. If you think we missed something, please tell us. But first, if you don’t know what microwave and air fryer are, we will give you a short introduction. Enjoy!

Microwave oven, better known as a microwave, is an oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to heat and cook food. It’s one of the most used kitchen appliances, and probably the most famous.

Percy Spencer is the man who invented the first microwave, but a company called Raytheon patented the first model. The most common brands that produce microwaves are Toshiba, Sharp, Whirlpool, GE, Panasonic, Sage, etc.

Most of us use the microwave to reheat food. But today, many models combined with convection mode that allow you to cook some fast fancy meals in the microwave such as Enchiladas, Toast, Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, Mug Cakes, Egg Whites, etc.



An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by the circulation of hot air. You have a fan in the middle of the air fryer that circulates hot air. Most people use the air fryer to make healthy versions of unhealthy food like chips, fries, crispy chicken, fried chicken, calzones, sausages, fish, etc.

It was invented by Turbochef Technologies but now used air fryer is a patent of Phillips. The air fryer is a modern replacement for a deep fryer.

Modern life is fast and people don’t want to waste time cooking healthy recipes, so they go for fast food, but now with air fryers, you could easily eat the same-looking food, but without getting worried about weight gain.

Even though almost everyone owns a microwave, an air fryer would just be a great addition, a good one probably, but we trust proven versions of the kitchen appliances and we stick to the proven.


In this article, we will tell you the main differences and similarities between microwaves and air fryers. Maybe after reading this, you would change your mind and buy the air fryer or you would stick with the microwave, or if you don’t own any of these you would know what to pick.

I will rate each difference so we can choose which appliance is better to use.

Microwave Vs air fryer: Technology, price, oil consumption, time usage, power consumption, food choices, etc. We will go through some differences.

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  • Air fryer technology vs microwave

All kitchen appliances use different technology to prepare food. As we already mentioned above, a microwave uses electromagnetic radiation to heat food from the inside, and an air fryer uses a circulation of hot air around the food.

The problem with the microwave is it can’t brown your ingredient. The only option to make it brown is to burn it out from the inside. But with the air fryer, you could make the skin of the food crispy and cooks food more evenly, so you don’t have to worry about the inside of the food.

The problem with the air fryer is that it limits your food choices. In the microwave, you can make plenty of different recipes. Microwave 1: 0 Air fryer.
  • Price

Most household owns a microwave, but if you think adding an air fryer would be a waste of money, you are wrong. The regular price of microwaves is between $50 and $800 dollars, and the regular price of the air fryer is between $70 and $300 dollars. If you already bought a top-class microwave price of the air fryer is a bargain. Microwave 1:1 Air fryer.


  • Time usage

If you don’t like to waste time in the kitchen, you can stick with the microwave. The only negative aspect of fast cooking in the microwave is that food loses taste. But if you enjoy healthy and tasty food, you should “waste” more time cooking a perfect meal. But you know they say time is money. Microwave 2:1 Air fryer.


  • Power Consumption

There is not much to say about the power consumption of those two appliances. We look at how much we spend on our electricity bill. The regular microwave spends up to 1500 Watts, and a regular air fryer spends up to 1400 Watts. At the end of the monthly usage of those appliances, separately is almost even. But if you care about every penny you spend, then you go for an appliance that spends less. Microwave 2:2 Air fryer.

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  • Food choices

For years people are struggling with weight problems. People seem to be lazy about a healthy lifestyle. They pick “tastier” food. As kids, we decline vegetables, and that problem continues throughout our life. But with the expansion of brands like McDonald’s, KFC, and other fast-food companies we like to eat food like fries, chips, burgers, crispy chicken, etc.

With the ability of air fryer to spend 80% less oil than a deep fryer, we can safely eat all that food. For versatility of the food choices, your must-pick is the microwave. You can easily make almost everything with it. While the taste of the food is better in the air fryer. Microwave 2:3 Air fryer.


If we look at the progression of humanity we can easily see that in a few years we will have even more unique and almost perfect ways to make food. Also, we can now pick ways to make great-looking and tasty food.

One problem is that we can’t know if our food is 100% healthy. But we should try to eat healthier. To eat healthier, you need to buy kitchen appliances that help you eat healthier such as an air fryer with a ceramic basket. but If you are a fan of classic, then you stay with the microwave. Here is our view on the difference between these two appliances. If you don’t agree with something we said, tell us. I hope you enjoyed it.

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