Cuisinart TOB 195 Convection Toaster Oven Review

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By: Nicole Rayzak

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Cuisinart TOB-195 reviews
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Imagine my sadness when our microwave oven suddenly stopped functioning. It had been with me for six years. It was a tad too efficient, if I may say.

It helped me a lot in my cooking preparation. I kept buggering the husband to purchase me a new unit. He always kept me hanging on.

I am at a loss. How could I ever thaw frozen meat without the microwave?


It was such an effortless task with the kitchen wonder. I would want to thaw food by letting the meat/food items be left on the countertop or table.

Food experts say it can attract bacterial growth. Posing a health risk on every individual. We, as homemakers, should learn proper food handling, food storage, and all.

So, what do I do without a microwave oven?


The buggering became nagging. Not by any chance would the husband hear my pleas.



Until one day, lo and behold! He carried with him an unfamiliar box. The one, he said. The one kitchen innovation that will maim all other kitchen appliances.

He was so sure in his statement as he had already run a test on it. He said a female co-worker was raving about the unit in their office.


Bringing along cakes and pastries that she cooked using the new cooking aid. The husband said he even made a few research online about the said product.

And, so the unit came to be known as the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broiler, keep reading my TOB review to learn more about this EPIC model;

Not Another Toaster, equipped.

Then, he pulled out a frozen pizza dough out of the freezer smothered with pizza sauce and pepperoni, onions and mushrooms, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

He threw the whole 12-inch pizza into the Cuisinart and…viola!

How amazing can that be?


That started my love affair with the Cuisinart unit.

It keeps me company in the kitchen. It has helped me a lot with food preparation that saves me time.

I can squeeze more time having a good conversation with the kids or the husband.

Behold! It’s Beauty

With its compact design, measuring 19.9 x 18.3 x 12 inches, it could fit nicely on countertops. And, with that humongous built, no wonder a whole chicken or fish or pizza can easily be accommodated into the oven.

Weighing 23 pounds at the most, or less than 11 kilos. That’s almost half the weight of my 20-liter microwave. Small in size yet, packs a lot of work output.

What’s with the hype with grey solid colors and stainless design in terms of household appliances manufacture these days?

Oh, but why?


Aside from giving aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel body frame adds more residual value to the unit.

The greatest feature of this appliance unit is its strategically placed touch-panel.


I suddenly remember how our ancient toaster with manual rotary control almost always gives us a burnt toast. With Cuisinart’s digital control, cooking time is managed well with easy touch buttons.

Cuisinart in Terms of Capabilities

Imagine squeezing a whole pizza into its 0.6 cubic foot indoor capacity. No more half-size pizza on my obsolete small toaster. Does that spell energy savings?

I did baked banana loaf bread, English muffins, chewy brownies, and the family favorite Cottage pie.

Another thing that the husband showed me using Cuisinart is grilling fish right from the freezer.


I have never been this amazed at kitchen gadgets. Thawing and grilling at a preset time. That easy!

Moreover, the kids can easily reheat snack/food items from the fridge without the need to bugger me to do the task for them.

With Cuisinart, even the kids were too delighted to use it.


Steel’s an electric conductor. Thus, the unit is subject to heat as the temperature rises while using the unit when cooking. It is best to use the oven mitts for protection.

  • Kids should be guided accordingly when allowing them to use the oven.
  • Kitchen tools to be used, i.e baking pans, casseroles, ladles, should be oven-proof.
  • Clean interiors according to the manual direction. Do not apply chemicals as it can affect foods.


  • 6-slice convection toaster oven broiler with 0.6-cubic-foot capacity
  • Pizza/bake, broil, toast, and convection; bagel, reheat, and defrost buttons
  • Shade control with heat sensor maintains precise oven temperature
  • Electronic touchpad controls; clock and oven timers; easy-to-clean interior
  • Measures 16 by 17-3/4 by 9-5/8 inches; 3-year limited warranty

War with Microwave Oven

Now that I have been passionately head-over-heels over my new kitchen gadget, I can’t get enough of its never-ending qualities and capabilities. One more thing, I have forgiven the husband for not getting me a microwave. When the things the microwave can do for me were; defrost, reheat, STEW.

Nothing else. Can the microwave provide a meal as gourmet as baby back ribs?


Glazed with honey and toasted sesame seeds. Achieving that perfectly grilled tender meat.

Whereas through a microwave oven, it can only cook the meat in less time, but it lacks broiling function. It cannot brown the food as it lacks the temperature for that function.

Microwave technology isn’t designed to do the simplest bread toasting. And, baking, as temperatures were so controlled to necessitate the rise of certain ingredients.

Only a Cuisinart can do so. Overall, if the microwave oven can be good at defrosting and reheating, so is the Cuisinart TOB 195. AND, A LOT MORE.


It actually cripples down as many great other kitchen gadgets out there in the industry.

Why need a microwave that used up more energy than any other kitchen appliance in your home when you can have all its functions in Cuisinart? Possibilities are endless with Cuisinart. Reheating and defrosting are just two.

Why need a bread toaster where Cuisinart can accommodate 6 slices of bread at one time?

If that doesn’t spell maximum efficiency, I vow to quit my manifestation here. But, surely, I much more excited than flattered at the unit’s work output.


I didn’t say we say goodbye to half pizzas. And say hello to a full pizza, a square pizza, even pancake, Crepes Suzette. What else you might suggest.

I am open to all suggestions. If that would be one reason, everybody should believe and get to try Cuisinart. The wannabe chef in me never goes out of dishes to concoct each day that I and the Cuisinart tandem start working in the kitchen.


Health Alert

A little brown toast is okay sometimes. In an era where most people tend to be health-conscious, burnt foods due to the application of higher temperatures can generate carcinogenic chemicals.

Not likely to be a healthy choice.

With Cuisinart TOB 195, the clock manages cooking time. Burns could be avoided. Besides, the see-through glass panel gives an idea of the cooking progress.

The broiling method lessens the risk of certain heart diseases. As frying tends to add more saturated fats in our diet. Plus, the fact that frying loses off certain food nutrients.


There is more growing awareness now when it comes to choosing between the two:

The grilling and the frying methods of cooking. It’s up in everyone’s sleeves what option to choose.

With an array of recipes provided in the instructional manual, an aspiring cook will get more interested in cooking as I am.

Being healthy as the primordial motive in purchasing the unit seconded by the fact that every foodie preparation will be a feast in the eyes, even British chef, Gordon Ramsay will applaud.

Kitchen Comes Alive

Life is more exhilarating to live by when your family appreciates everything you do. Not with a burnt toast, I guess.

Moreover, with the inclusion of Cuisinart as the most efficient kitchen helper, it makes me save more time staying in the kitchen than usual. I have now used up the time saved to enjoy quality time with the whole family.

Imagine the dilemma when faced with time-consuming cooking preparation and procedure. With the help of Cuisinart, stages came easy as ABC I have always loved cooking.

Somehow, been very passionate about it. Because there has always been this time and tested formula as per family bonding is concerned.

Mealtime with the family is a sacred event. It opens the door to a good conversation. The kid’s activities in school. Their ups and downs. Family dinners pave the way to create a moment to talk. Free-flowing family issues.

Doing dishes straight out from the freezer makes everyone celebrate. With desserts such as pies and puddings shall be the belles of the family event.

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Pros And Cons


  • + Warms up fast, it takes a few minutes to reach the desired temperature
  • + Easy to clean interior with an astonishing brushed chrome exterior
  • + Comes with special features such as defrosting, and heat frozen ingredients
  • + 4 hours cook time timer
  • + Auto-shutoff
  • + PA-Free.


  • Crumb tray is only accessible from the back, so you have to move the unit forward to remove it
  • Some of the cooking functions have a default temperature and time that, cannot be changed
  • Not easy to use, complicated settings.

3 Amazing Things You Can Do With The Cuisinart Tob-195

  • Impress Your Guests with delicious Cakes and Food! If you’re looking for the easiest and simplest way to perfectly cook your favorite chocolate cake or a 12-inch pizza, then the Cuisinart Tob-195 is what you’ve been always looking for! Your family or guests will always be impressed by your delicious cakes, pizzas, and biscuits! This is because this state-of-the-art convection oven has been specially designed with even cooking in mind!
  • Turn an Ordinary Dinner Into An Unforgettable Experience: If you like serving broiled chicken or meats for dinner, then this amazing toaster oven will be the perfect addition to your kitchen! Thanks to its very sturdy broiling pan, the heat will always be distributed evenly, is even as it preheats to a pre-set temperature! It will also heat up very fast, which will certainly save you a lot of time!
  • Make A Perfect Toast: Have you ever wanted to make some bread toasts at home with all your favorite toppings and then got disappointed by the result because the bread wasn’t well-toasted? Well with Cuisinart Tob-195, these disappointments will be a thing of the past! Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, all you’ll have to do is press the 4-6 slice button on your oven, you’ll get a perfectly cooked toast in no time flat!


In summary, in just a few months that Cuisinart has been cooking wonderful dishes in the kitchen, I can truly say I am in bliss! I am in bliss, I ditched out the microwave-thingy.

It saves the hubby, well, a hundred dollars maybe. But, the electric bill at the end of each month sent me screaming up my throat.

It went at least 20% down. Great going for me and my best kitchen pal. I am loving it each day.

My proof for the energy saved?


As I said, the microwave purchase was scrapped in lieu of the Cuisinart. And, the small toaster was left unused for months now.

I am planning to give it to my aunt who is living solo in the province. That’s 2 missing kitchen appliances that I’ve been eating upon power consumption. Truly, a killer kitchen gadget that packs a ton of workload.

Feel free to share your observation with me in the comments section!

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