Using, Seasoning, and Cleaning Pampered Chef Stoneware

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Cooking is an amazing and enjoyable process, especially if you have the right tools to prepare your meal. Pampered Chef stoneware is an amazing method of cooking. It is extremely easy and fun. You can create amazing loaves, cakes, and other amazing dishes perfectly.

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Have you ever used pampered chef stoneware? If you haven’t, this post will help you learn how to use pampered chef stoneware in the right manner. There are certain things you need to do for the stoneware to work perfectly and help you create amazing meals. Therefore, we will teach you how to season pampered chef stoneware for the best results. We will also help you learn how to clean pampered chef stoneware in the right manner without damaging it.

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How to Use the Pampered Chef Stoneware

First Use

Before you can start using the stoneware, after it is delivered to your house, you need to inspect it. You should check if there are any cases of cracks, chips, or any other damage. Trust me; you do not want to cook using damaged or broken stoneware. If you find any issue with the pampered chef stoneware, make sure to contact the Pampered Chef and relay your complaint.

Note: The Pampered Chef stoneware is created by hand in America. It means that each piece is unique in regards to shape and consistency. Slight imperfections are to be expected because of this fact.

One amazing thing about stoneware is the level of versatility. You can bake anything you want using stoneware. It is recommended, however, that you cook meals that have a bit more oil for the first few times. This is to make sure that the pan develops a strong non-stick coating.

Remember: if your stoneware is not coated properly, there are going to be issued. The food will always be sticking.


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You are probably wondering how to use pampered chef stoneware for baking.  To be honest, it is not any different from baking a cake using another type of bakeware.

The first step is to heat the oven according to the pampered chef baking stone instructions. You should then mix the cake as per the directions on the recipe and then brush the stone with some cooking oil.

However, you should only brush it with oil if it is the first time using it. If, however, you have used it several times before, you do not need the oil. Avoid praying any nonstick cooking spray on the stone.


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Cooking pizza with a pampered chef stoneware is completely easy whether you are using a brick pizza oven or a kitchen convection oven. The results are always a crispy, light crust at the bottom.

The stoneware can create such a success because it can absorb the excess moisture, and deliver an even heat distribution. Even when baking your cookies and bread, the crunch will be extremely amazing.


When cooking with the oven, you should place the pan and the pizza in the oven without turning it on first. The oven should be cold. You should then turn the oven on and allow the pizza and stoneware to heat at the same time. The heat will distribute evenly to all parts of the pizza when cooking.

Try the stoneware to know exactly how good the results are. You can tell the difference between stoneware and other pans such as aluminum.

You can find stoneware for pizza in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase some square pizza stoneware for multiple purposes including baking bread.

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Seasoning a Pampered Chef Stoneware

Let us look at the methods of seasoning pampered chef stoneware. Seasoning refers to the method of creating a certain nonstick layer on a stoneware that is uncoated. The main reason why we recommend seasoning your stoneware is to reduce the chances of your meal sticking to the pan. If the food sticks and does not slide right off when you are finished cooking, it will be damaged in terms of formation. A cake will not come out as a cake.

Secondly, a seasoned pan is quite easy to clean. Since there are no bits of food left on the pan, cleaning will be a very simple process.

Let’s get to how to season stoneware. There are two main methods of seasoning stoneware. The first is the deliberate seasoning before you ever use it, and the second process involves baking regularly.

You can use both methods to ensure that the nonstick coating is permanent and strong.

Deliberate Seasoning

To get a nice coating, you have to make sure that you use the right methods and products.

Before you start this process, you should wash your pampered chef stoneware with hot water. Make sure the water is soapy. Chances of getting an uncoated pan are high. However, the manufacturer might produce and deliver a product that has a coating, although it might be thin. That coating maintains the integrity of the pan during transport. Since we are uncertain about the chemical components of that coating, it is best to get rid of it completely.

After you clean the pan, make a point to dry it thoroughly. After it is dry and no trace of water is visible, you should add a layer of oil to every part of the stoneware that will touch the food during cooking.

Choosing the right type of cooking oil will give you good results. Therefore, we recommend using an oil with a higher smoking point because it will be heated to very high temperatures. Some of the cooking oil varieties with higher smoking points include palm oil, sesame oil, hazelnut oil, as well as avocado oil. You should also remember to check out the taste. It should be neutral. In regards to the taste, you can choose coconut oil. Professionals also prefer vegetable shortening and canola.

The third step is to remove any pool of oil because it is excessive and unnecessary. Use a cotton cloth that is dry and clean.

A word of Caution: Do not assume that paper towels can do the same work as cotton cloth. When you use paper towels, you will have some fibers left on the stoneware and they will be a part of the nonstick coating. Chances of being stuck to your food are possible.

After you wipe off the excess oil, preheat the oven to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit and place the pan inside. Allow the pan to heat inside the oven for around 30 minutes without opening the oven door.

After the time is up, remove the pan from the oven and allow it to cool completely. Repeat those four processes three additional times. It will make sure that the coating becomes extremely strong, which means that you can cook the meal of your choice without worrying about sticking to the bottom.

Cleaning Pampered Chef Stoneware

It is important to learn the best-pampered chef stoneware cleaning methods if you want to maintain its integrity and make sure that it always brings out the best quality of food. With the right methods of cleaning and the right tools, your stoneware can maintain an amazing appearance and surface as long as you care for it.

We have stated that cooking with stoneware pans and trays is improved by the naturally improved nonstick coating. It allows you to cook with less oil. However, you should know that continuous use or improper use might turn in black. So, cleaning that excessive dark grease will help improve the quality of your food.

However, before you clean your stoneware, you need to prepare certain things. First, you need a dishtowel that you will use to dry the pan. You also need a nylon brush with a scraper at the end. You also need plastic scrapers. These plastic scrapers are provided by the pampered chef brand. When you unpack the product after delivery to your home, you should find these scrapers in the packaging. If you will deep clean your stoneware, you might require some baking soda.

The scrapers that come with the stoneware will help you to remove the crusty parts of the food that might be left on the stoneware. You simply need some hot water and a little effort when scraping. You will not require anything else when cleaning. To clarify, do not use any soap or detergents. Do not place the pan inside a dishwasher. The reason? The soap contains certain chemical elements. These surfactants will be stuck to certain pores found on the surface of the stone. They will also stick to the seasoning that you added to the surface. When that happens, it will get into your food once you decide to cook. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

Let’s be honest. If soap can stick to the pores, what about the food? Well, everything you place on the surface of the pan will be cooked. The stone will cook everything and as long as you follow the recipe, there are no chances of raw food being stuck on the pan.

Some other stoneware pans are porous, which means that they absorb the juices produced by the meat. The juices then bubble up on the next meal you prepare. However, this amazing pampered chef stoneware has pores that are only found on the stoneware surface. They are also very small. The stone itself is extremely solid, which means it does not absorb any juices that your meat and oily foods might produce.

If you are extremely careful about the cleanliness of your stoneware, and you are not sure that the simple method of cleaning works, you can use natural cleaners. You can use one of four available options that are very easy to attain. The first is white vinegar. It works perfectly in removing any juice or sticky foods that might be on the stone. If you use lemon juice, you will get the same results. You can also scrub or brush some salt on the stoneware and enjoy the results.

You can still use baking soda instead and you will get the same results. For baking soda, you should mix half a cup of baking soda with water, preferably three tablespoons. Apply that mix to the areas you need to clean deeply for around fifteen minutes. After you rinse well, scrape the paste off and then dry the stoneware and store it. You can collect the cooking oil and reserve it for seasoning at a future seasoning.

Caring for your Stoneware

These are the main things you are advised to either do or not do.

You should never preheat your product before you start cooking with it. You should also avoid using any soap when cleaning the product.

You should know that although the stoneware will withstand high-temperature levels, they would break easily if you expose them to drastic temperature changes. It is evident in the customer reviews. Some reviews complain that their stoneware broke unexpectedly. It is a huge possibility that these were caused by the drastic changes in temperature, although it is possible that they broke due to mishandling by the owners.

Only use the plastic scraper for any hard work that comes when cleaning the product. However, a simple rinse and drying are highly recommended.


Pampered Chef stoneware is very amazing when cooking. It produces the best food due to the even distribution of heat, coupled with the retention of heat. When you cook your meal or bake your cake, it will remain hot for a long time. Therefore, when you remove it from the oven, it will remain hot until you can serve it. Seasoning is an important part of caring.

We have learned how to care for pampered chef stoneware and seasoning is the most important way of doing it. Make sure to follow the directions provided above to the letter to get the best results. You might notice that the more you use the pan, the darker it becomes, which is okay. It is good if it turns that way. It will be at its peak in regards to efficiency.


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