How to Cook Andouille Sausage

Have you tried Andouille sausages before? This sausage is one of the best dishes you will have. It is a smoked sausage, one with a very important part in Creole cuisine. The sausage is made using onions, pork, pepper, garlic, some seasoning, and finally some wine. It is a perfect fit for gumbo but it is more than that. It also goes well for breakfast in an egg dish, creamy soup, flavorful stew, and of course a rich casserole.

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Do you know how to cook Andouille sausage? There are several methods of cooking this sausage, each of which has a different result from the others. In this article, we will learn how to cook raw Andouille sausage in different ways.

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Different ways of Cooking Andouille sausage

Using a Stove

First, we will learn how to cook Andouille sausage on the stove. For this process, you will need to light the stove, turn it to medium heat and place a frying pan on the stove until it gets hot.

After it is hot enough, you should add some oil. Remember that sausages can be fatty, which is why you do not need a lot of oil. This is only to avoid the sausage sticking to the pan before it releases its fat. You will need to spread the oil around the pan properly.

Next, place the sausage on your pan, one by one if you are cooking more than one. You should make sure that they do not touch and that they have adequate space between them. You might need to cook the sausages in batches if you are cooking many of them.

Allow the sausages to cook without being disturbed for around 2 minutes. After that time, you should flip them and allow them to continue cooking. Do this until they are browned properly.

How long to cook Andouille sausage? In general, they should take around 15 minutes to cook fully. When cut, the meat should be cooked properly and no pick or juices should be left. If not properly cooked, you should continue cooking.

You can speed this process up by cutting the sausage from end to end. But do not separate the pieces.

On a Grill

Do you know how to cook Andouille sausage on the grill? Well, it is quite easy. It is almost the same as using a pan but not completely.

What you need to do is light the grill first and allow it to build up some heat. If it is a gas grill, you can adjust the burners to medium heat. If it is a charcoal grill, light a pile of briquettes and allow them to burn till they glow orange.


You will need a cold and hot side of the grill. You can do that by turning burners on a single side to low heat. For charcoal grills, simply move most of the charcoal to a single side and leave a thin layer on the rest of the grill.

Next, you will need to place your Andouille sausages on the hot side. Ensure that there is some space between the sausages, allowing them to cook properly. After every two minutes, you should turn them and allow them to cook for a minute longer.

Finally, move them to the cold side and allow them to cook for longer. They will cook but will not burn. Keep turning them as they cook. In around 10 minutes, they should be ready.

Cooking in an Oven

Now, let us look at how to cook Andouille sausage in the oven.

First, you will have to preheat your oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While the oven heats up, you should prepare the baking pan. Line it with some aluminum foil to reduce the amount of work needed for cleanup. Set baking racks on the pan lined with foil. These bars should be closed so that the sausages do not pass through.

Next, place the sausages on the pan with some space between them, just like above.

Bake the sausages for around 20 minutes, making sure to turn them in each 10 minutes.

Before you serve them, make sure that they are done. If not done, cook them for longer, checking after every five minutes.

Using an Air Fryer

An air fryer might be the easiest to use. So, how to cook Andouille sausage in an air fryer? This might be the easiest method out there.

You only need to preheat the air fryer to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, add the sausages and cook them for six minutes. Turn them after every 3 minutes. You do not need any oil because the sausage has plenty of it.

Remember to make sure that the sausages are cooked perfectly before eating them.

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Andouille sausage need to be cooked?

This sausage is smoked meat made using seasoned pork. When available commercially, it is pre-cooked. Therefore, you only need to heat it before you eat it.

  1. Do you take the skin off Andouille sausage?

You do not necessarily remove it because it is part of the Andouille sausage. You can remove it if trying to break the sausage.

  1. What do Andouille sausages taste like?

It features a very unique flavor that is similar to craft sausage. You will notice that it has a smoky, sharp, and coarse taste. You cannot replace it with ordinary sausage.

  1. Which is spicier Andouille or chorizo?

These two are spicy but are different in regard to taste. If you try both, you will notice that the chorizo will be spicier. Andouille is mostly mild at best.

  1. Why is it called Andouille sausage?

It is believed that the name of the sausage originated from the French word inducere which means to the lead-in.


You cannot go wrong with Andouille sausage. This is a great sausage with some amazing application in dishes. Now that you know how to cook Andouille sausage in a pan and other methods, you should find one that gives you the results you need. Try out different recipes to find an amazing way of enjoying this amazing sausage.

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