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Spicy Brown Mustard vs Dijon – Comparison

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Mustard is one of the most used spices in the world. Its popularity goes back many years, back to the Roman kitchens. The most basic rule of creating mustard is mixing a certain type of ground seeds from mustard plants and a liquid. Spicy brown mustard and Dijon mustard are especially popular. The difference is Dijon vs. spicy brown mustard is the choice of seeds and liquid. Is spicy brown mustard the same as Dijon?

This post aims to help you identify each of the options by tackling the Dijon mustard vs. spicy brown topic.

Spicy Brown Mustard

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What is brown mustard? Spicy brown mustard is created using brown mustard seeds. However, the seeds are not soaked in as much vinegar as the standard type of mustard. The reduced vinegar reduces the acidity. This low level of acidity, coupled with the seeds, will help bring out more heat. The mustard’s texture is also coarser than the standard type of mustard. This texture is a result of the bran left on the seeds. The bran does not break down completely during the processing of the mustard, hence the texture.

Spicy brown mustard is quite easy to prepare. If you consider the name of the mustard and break it down, you will have all you need for the perfect recipe.

First, you should put the vinegar and mustard seeds together in a bowl or container and allow them to sit for a day at room temperature. You should later move the combination to a blender or food processor and add salt, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The next step is to puree them until they are completely smooth. If you wish to make it thinner, add two tablespoons of water. Once comfortable with the texture, you should move them to an airtight bowl and allow two or three days’ rest before you can use it.

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Is Dijon mustard the same as spicy brown mustard? In a Dijon vs. brown mustard, Dijon does not come out as hot as the spicy brown alternative. Dijon is mostly used for sauces, glazes, as well as sandwich toppings. It is pale yellow in color. It also has a creamy texture without a watery base since it uses less vinegar than yellow mustard.

Is Dijon mustard spicy? Black mustard seeds are used in the recipe. Verjuice is then used to flavor the seeds. White wine is the most commonly used alternative for this task. One major difference between Dijon and spicy brown mustard is that spicy brown mustard has a harder kick.

To create your own Dijon mustard, you should put the seeds, wine, and vinegar inside a bowl and let it sit for two days at room temperature. You should then move the contents to a blender jar and add sugar and salt. You should then puree the mixture until it turns to a paste with several seeds left. Move the paste to an airtight bowl and let it stay in a refrigerator for at least two days before using it.

yellow mustard plant


The Dijon mustard vs. spicy brown mustard comparison brings out several differences between the two. You can create any of the two in your kitchen with the simple instructions provided and enjoy the wide variety of uses.


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